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Hi I’m Stuart Crump a freelance photographer based in the UK town of Loughborough, and I am currently in the process of photographing dogs, cats and a variety of other domestic pets. My aim is to capture the joy and spirit within your animal and show them at their best. Inspired by the wonderful variety of creatures now kept as pets my collection will continue to grow throughout the year.

I have also captured images from travel locations around the world, supplied editorial sports images to numerous UK national publications and have a wide and varied collection of stock images housed with major online agencies. Most of all photography, travel and the fine tuning of images are all fantastic fun and the building of my career in this field has been an immensely rewarding journey so far.

Commercial and editorial commissions are undertaken on request and prints are available in a variety of finishes and sizes, please email me via the "Contact" link to discuss your specific photographic requirements.

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